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Founded in 1982, the Dutch society for Pleistocene Mammals (Werkgroep Pleistocene Zoogdieren) is an organization in which Dutch and foreign professional and amateur-palaeontologists co-operate. Approximately 250 Dutch members and 75 foreign members from all over the world are affiliated to the association. The association focuses on the gathering and studying of Pleistocene mammals in the broadest sense. During the last 20 years the role of the WPZ has been proved to be important for various kinds of reasons. For instance, there has been a lasting contact between amateur collectors, scientists and several universities, institutes and museums in the Netherlands and abroad. The WPZ aims to offer her members a diversity of activities in order to enhance their knowledge of the Pleistocene faunas. These activities comprise meetings (four each year) in which lectures with a great diversity of subjects are given by Dutch and foreign palaeontologists. Excursions and exhibitions are organized occasionally.

The association publishes a journal twice a year under the name Cranium. This journal is meant for both amateur and professional palaeontologists. This implies that both popular and scientific contributions concerning the Pleistocene mammals in the broadest sense are inserted. Each volume covers about a hundred pages.

In Cranium, Dutch as well as foreign authors are given the opportunity to publish their articles. Every article contains a summary and captions with the figures in Dutch and English. Foreign authors may publish in English, French or German, in which case a summary in Dutch will be added. The magazine offers a wide range of subjects on a certain level. Skeletal morphology, palaeo-ecology, evolution of mammals, the latest news from the palaeontological world and book-reviews are recurrent topics. During her 19 year existence Cranium has acquired reputation and esteem home and abroad.

Membership in the WPZ is open to all individuals who are interested in palaeontology. Members receive two issues of Cranium each year. Foreign subscription rates on an annual base are € 25,00 (Euro).

Methods of payment

Foreign subscription rate on an annual base is € 25,00 (Euro).

Accepted modes of payment

Bank Transfer including IBAN (PREFFERED)
IBAN (International Bank Account Number): NL57ABNA0627307167
BIC (Bank Identifier Code): ABNANL2A (ABNAmro, Amsterdam)
Beneficiary: Werkgroep Pleistocene Zoogdieren, p/a Mondriaanweg 14, 1328 ES Almere, Netherlands

Note that foreign members must add to a payment by cheque an amount of 10,00 euro (total costs 35,00 euro) for covering the banking charges we have to pay for having credited your payment to our BankAccount.

This payment (at your own risk) is free of extra charges if it is made in hard cash, by sending in euros for the amount due.

For further particulars apply to the secretary

Bianca Janssen Groesbeek
Muntweg 135
6532 TH Nijmegen
The Netherlands
E-mail: secretaris@pleistocenemammals.com

Bank Account number: 627307167 Werkgroep Pleistocene Zoogdieren, Almere, Netherlands.
IBAN: NL57ABNA0627307167
BIC: ABNANL2A (ABNAmro, Amsterdam)